вторник, 25 сентября 2012 г.

Forge World Horus Heresy I


На просторах бескрайней сети удалось выловить следующую информацию о новом типе оружия у Легионов Астартес:

I've learned a bit more about them now. There are four classes of Volkite Weaponry:

- Volkite Serpenta (Pistol)
- Volkite Charger (Assault 2)
- Volkite Caliver (Heavy 2)
- Volkite Culverin (Heavy 4)

They all have the 'Deflagrate' special rule: Any unsaved wounds caused to a unit by these weapons causes the same amount of additional wounds to be caused to the unit (these additional wounds are treated as normal wounds and do not inflict further wounds).

Volkite Weapons are Beam weapons created on Mars and date back to the Age of Strife. They are incredibly difficult to manufacture and the demands of the Crusade overwhelmed supplies of these relic-guns. By the time of the Heresy they had been largely superceded by the Bolter.

So it seems that at one stage before the Crusade got into full swing, these Volkite Weapons were the main armament of the Astartes!

Выглядит это чудо так:

Понятно, что вскоре все подробности будут известны, но ведь так хочется узнать все пораньше :)