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Forge World Horus Heresy III

Новая глава в Ереси Гора доступна для изучения всеми желающими

Они в продаже!!!



Несколько недель на доставку и вожделенные правила окажутся на руках :)


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Forge World Horus Heresy II


Перехваченное сообщение с подробностями о легионной тактичке:

via a Hobbyist now with the book (who wishes to not have his name published)

Legion Tactical Squad – 150 points
Space marine stats (Ld 8/9)

Unit Composition:
9 Marines/1 Sergeant

Power Armor
Bolt Pistol
Frag and Krak Grenades

Special Rules:
Legiones Astartes
Fury of the Legion

Dedicated Transport:
May choose a rhino
- Note that if an army contains a character that has one of the Rites of War special rules, other Dedicated Transport options may be available for the squad

Add up to 10 additional Legion Space marines (10 pts each)
The entire tactical squad can do ONE one the following:
- Exchange their bolter for a combat blade or chainsword (Free)
- Take an additional combat blade or chainsword (2 pts per model)
One marine can take a Nuncio-vox (10 pts)
One marine may carry a Legion Vexilla (10 pts)
The Legion’s sergeant may exchange their bolter for one of the following (this seems like an oversight because if the squad switches to being an assault marine it means that you can’t upgrade the sergeant)
- combi weapon (10 pts)
- plasma pistol (15 pts)
- heavy chainsword (5 pts)
- power weapon (10 pts)
- power fist or single lightning claw (15 pts)
The sergeant may take melta bombs (5 pts)
The sergeant can upgrade to artificer armor (10 pts)

Fury of the Legion:
While at least five models remain in the unit armed with bolters, or bolt pistols, the squad can elect to make a Fury of the Legion attack in the Shooting phase so long as they did not move, arrive via deepstrike or disembark rom a vehicle earlier in the player turn. Models making a fury of the legion attack may fire twice with their bolters or bolt pistols against a single target (note that in the case of a combi-weapon, only the bolter part may fire twice).

Owing to the massive expenditure of ammunition involved, once a squad has made a fury of the Legion attack it may not use Overwatch fire later that turn or fire in the shooting phase of their next player turn. Fury of the legion may not be used for snap shots and models joining the unit do not benefit from this rule and must fire normally as does any non-bolter weapon used by the squad at the same time as the Fury of the Legion attack is made.

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Forge World Horus Heresy I


На просторах бескрайней сети удалось выловить следующую информацию о новом типе оружия у Легионов Астартес:

I've learned a bit more about them now. There are four classes of Volkite Weaponry:

- Volkite Serpenta (Pistol)
- Volkite Charger (Assault 2)
- Volkite Caliver (Heavy 2)
- Volkite Culverin (Heavy 4)

They all have the 'Deflagrate' special rule: Any unsaved wounds caused to a unit by these weapons causes the same amount of additional wounds to be caused to the unit (these additional wounds are treated as normal wounds and do not inflict further wounds).

Volkite Weapons are Beam weapons created on Mars and date back to the Age of Strife. They are incredibly difficult to manufacture and the demands of the Crusade overwhelmed supplies of these relic-guns. By the time of the Heresy they had been largely superceded by the Bolter.

So it seems that at one stage before the Crusade got into full swing, these Volkite Weapons were the main armament of the Astartes!

Выглядит это чудо так:

Понятно, что вскоре все подробности будут известны, но ведь так хочется узнать все пораньше :)


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Korvidae-Pedro Cantor 1

Технодесантники и ремесленники Гвардии Ворона завершают подготовку обновленного комплекта брони командующему Орденом.